Same perfomance - more sustainability

We present our most environmentally conscious acoustic panel.

With our new acoustic panel, we are setting new standards for sustainable production - and new sandards for creative possibilities with acoustic panels.

At BY VENØ, we are very committed to product development with great consideration for the environmental footprint we leave behind as a production company. That’s why all our felt backings are made of upcycled materials – this felt of 65% artificial turf.

BY VENØ Visualizer

How do the panels look at your place

Pick the room where you want to see the Acupanels, and choose between up to 30 varieties of Acupanels.

Choose between our acoustic panels in wood, linoleum, and laminate. You can also see how the panels look when mounted either vertically or horizontally.


Acoustic improvement in homes and offices

Great acoustics with BY VENØ

BY VENØ contributes to a calm indoor climate. In modern construction there are several hard surfaces. With our acoustic panels, you reduce sound resonance by up to 50% - thereby creating a more calm indoor climate.