Our specially developed FR (Fire Retardant) acoustic panel, which is fire-rated, allows all players in the construction industry to optimise acoustics while at the same time having a decorative effect on the interior design and visual appearance of the room.

Panels as interiors for walls and ceilings have become enormously popular. It is now also possible to supply fire-approved acoustic panels that meet the current requirements for use as materials in public and private buildings, as well as the project market.

With our EN 13823 / B-s1,d0 approved panels, we follow the requirements of both design and legislation. That's why we are proud to deliver to public buildings, such as hotels, theatres, schools etc. - buildings where good and beautiful acoustic solutions are simply necessary!



A brand new sustainable production in Aulum, Central Jutland, Denmark, produces acoustic panels of the highest quality! Good craftsmanship and more than 100 years of experience in the wood industry ensure that we only deliver acoustic panels of the highest quality, and we also dare to promise you exceptional service and guidance!

We focus on the choice of sustainable and responsible materials and processes. We are constantly working to initiate activities that minimise our environmental footprint, without compromising on detail, quality or design.


White Oak


Grey Oak

Smoked Oak

American Walnut



In our range of acoustic panels, we can now offer our customers a Danish-produced and fire-approved acoustic panel that performs just as well in sound tests as our standard wooden panels!

The slats on the panel is made of plywood with respectively: Natural oak, White oak, Smoked oak, Grey oak, Pine and Walnut veneers.
The black fiberboard backing maintains the visual depth of the panel, as well as the beautiful aesthetic and Scandinavian design, just like all our other beautiful panels.



11 mm / 0.43 in

Slat width

31,5 mm / 1.24 in

Distance between slats

13 mm / 0.51 in


0,5 mm / 0.02 in

Wood fiberboard

9 mm / 0.35 in

Total meas

2480 x 600 x 21 mm / 97.64 x 23.62 x 0.83 in


1,44 m2 pr panel


14,2 kg / 31.31 lb

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The panel's construction

Our acoustic panels are composed of three component, given you the best acoustics and an aesthetic expression.

THE FIBREBOARD: Sound moves in waves, and reflect back into the room when it hits a hard surface. By using a fibreboard, the sound moves through the air pockets in the board and the sound is absorbed, thereby reducing the reverberation

THE SLATS: Our FR-Slats are made of plywood. The more angles the sound has to pass, the more the sound is reduced. The structure and placement of the slats on the board, means that the sound waves are broken before hitting the board, hereby further enhancing the reduction of sound.

THE VENEER: The wood veneer or surface of the slats is the final finish that defines our acoustic panels. Along with the rest of the panel, the veneer helps both match and create contrast to the rest of the interior.

Adjustment of FR panels

Post processing

If you need to adapt your FR panels, it is important to repaint the adapted edges to ensure that the panels retain their fire-retardant value and status. This is incredibly simple to do. This video demonstrates how to adapt and refinish FR panels with our specially made FR varnish..

SOUND ABSORBING is important

Our felt plays an important role in the sound-absorbing properties of acoustic panels. Together with the structure of the slats, much of the sound normally reflected back into the room will be absorbed, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

Ansvarlig panel-produktion

Sustainable panels

At BY VENØ it is a natural part of our DNA to focus om minimizing the resource waste, by choosing sustainably and prioritizing high-quality materials with a minimal co2 footprint. The fact that we are a family-owned company, perhaps plays a large role in the explanation based on the thesis, that we want to make sure the world is a better place for our descendants.

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