Our laminate panel is designed to have a raw concrete look It gives a realistic look of real concrete and raw materials with many lovely details and colours in the structure.

Laminate is a highly forgiving material as it requires minimal care and maintenance. We only use high-quality laminate, where you can’t see fingerprints and other dirt.

This panel is for those who want a raw look, which, for example, a stone panel has, but in a more economical range and more maintenance-friendly.

Concrete Grey Laminat


Our Concrete Grey laminate panel is designed to give a realistic look to your home design; in fact, its details, the rough design and its beautiful play of colors, gives the illusion of a real concrete panel.

Laminate is a durable material that requires minimal maintenance. We only produce laminate panels in quality material with an anti-fingerprint finish. The laminate panel is an affordable option to achieve the rustic look that stone creates.

High quality
Perfect for both homes and businesses
Quick and easy to install
Superior sound absorption
Available in a great range of colors
Made in Denmark



9 mm / 0.43 in

Slat width

27 mm / 1.06 in

Distance between slats

13 mm / 0.51 in


0,5 mm / 0.02 in


9 mm / 0.35 in

Total measurements

2400 x 600 x 20 mm / 94.49 x 23.62 x 0.79 in
3000 x 600 x 20 mm / 118.11 x 23.62 x 0.79 in


1.44 m2 pr panel


8,6 kg / 18.9 lb
10,8 kg / 23.9 lb

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The panel's construction

Our acoustic panels consist of three components that provide you with the best room acoustics and aesthetic expression.

LAMINATE: The laminate surface on the slats constitutes the final finish that defines our acoustic panels. Along with the rest of the panel, laminate contributes to both matching and contrasting with the rest of the interior.

THE SLATS: The more angles the sound has to pass through, the more it is reduced. The structure and placement of the slats on the felt cause the sound waves to be disrupted before they hit the felt, further enhancing the reduction.

THE FELT: Sound moves in waves and reflects back into the room when it hits hard surfaces. By using a soft felt, the sound passes through, absorbing it and reducing reverberation.



Make your acoustic panels a part of the interior design.
With hooks and mounts, your panels become a unique part of your interior design.

Installation and finish

We also have accessories to help you install your panels with ease. Or give you the last finish, so your project appears beautiful and complete.



BY VENØ gives you endless possibilities to design your home, exactly like you want it. Find us on Instagram and get more inspiration as to how you can use BY VENØ panels in your interior design.

SOUND ABSORBING is important

Our felt plays an important role in the sound-absorbing properties of acoustic panels. Together with the structure of the slats, much of the sound normally reflected back into the room will be absorbed, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.


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