All BY VENØ acoustic panels are much more than just a visual product. You get a product that makes the room’s acoustics and level of reverberation significantly better!

Our Danish-made acoustic panels break the sound and absorb the sound wave, so it dies out when it hits the panels.

This means that the sound wave is eliminated and the reverberation time is shortened, which will improve the indoor climate and the feeling of well-being in the room, whether we are talking about private, commercial or public buildings.

American Walnut




Oak (Grey felt/Brown MDF)

Oak (Plywood)

Grey Rustic Oak


Smoked Oak

Rustic Oak

Oak (black felt/brown MDF)


With BY VENØ, you can improve room acoustics at home or at work without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

The combination of the slat structure and the acoustic polyester felt divides the sound waves and absorbs them when they hit the panel. This means that the sound is not reflected back into the room, but is absorbed into the panel.

The panel is made of slats of black MDF with a surface of real wood veneer, which is attached to a 9mm / 0.35 in black polyester felt of recycled plastic. Our wood panels are also made from materials from responsibly managed FSC™certified forests and other controlled sources.



11 mm / 0.43 in

Slat width

27 mm / 1.06 in

Distance between slats

13 mm / 0.51 in


0.5 mm /0.02 in


9 mm / 0.35 in


1.44 m2 pr panel


600 mm / 23.62 in
1200 mm / 47.24 in
2400 mm / 94.49 in
2700 mm /106.30 in
3000 mm / 118.11 in
3600 mm / 141.73 in


1.2 kg / 2.6 lb
4.9 kg / 10.8 lb
9.7 kg / 21.4 lb
10.9 kg / 2.6 lb
12.1 kg / 24.0 lb
14.6 kg / 32.2 lb

600 x 600 x 20 mm /
23.62 x 23.62 x 0.79 in

All types of wood

1200 x 600 x 20 mm /
47.24 x 23.62 x 0.79 in

All types of wood

2400 x 600 x 20 mm /
94.49 x 23.62 x 0.79 in

All types of wood

2700 x 600 x 20 mm /
106.30 x 23.62 x 0.79 in

All types of wood

3000 x 600 x 20 mm /
118.11 x 23.62 x 0.79 in

All types of wood

3600 x 600 x 20 mm /
141.73 x 23.62 x 0.79 in

American Walnut

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Sound test 



Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

Our acoustic panels have been tested according to the ISO 16000 and ISO EN16516 test protocols.

Our panels comply with the AgBB test standard, which sets high indoor air quality requirements.

At BY VENØ, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's an ambition. We carefully weave environmental considerations into every step of our value chain, from concept to the final customer. Our focus on long-lasting, quality products, such as our elegant and timeless acoustic panels, reflects our dedication to intelligent and more sustainable solutions.


These panels are made from FSC™-certified wood and veneer, as well as other controlled materials.


With the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on our acoustic panels, we affirm our dedication to using environmentally friendly materials while avoiding harmful chemicals.


Our wood panels have been tested and comply with the German AgBB standard, which assesses emissions of volatile organic compounds from building materials.

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The panel's construction

Our acoustic panels are composed of three components that provide you with the best room acoustics and an aesthetic expression.

THE VENEER: The wood veneer, or the surface of the slat, is the final finish that defines our acoustic panels. Together with the rest of the panel, the veneer contributes to both matching and creating contrast to the rest of the interior.

THE SLAT: The more angles sound has to pass through, the more it is reduced. The structure and placement of the slat on the felt cause the sound waves to break before hitting the felt, further enhancing the reduction. Our slats are available in three different types: black MDF, brown MDF, and plywood.

THE FELT: Sound moves in waves and is reflected back into the room when it hits hard surfaces. By using a soft felt, the sound passes through the felt, and the sound is absorbed, thus reducing the echo in the room. Our felt is available in several different variants and colors, all of which have unparalleled sound properties.

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Make your acoustic panels a part of the interior design.
With hooks and mounts, your panels become a unique part of your interior design.

Installation and finish

We also have accessories to help you install your panels with ease. Or give you the last finish, so your project appears beautiful and complete.



BY VENØ gives you endless possibilities to design your home, exactly like you want it. Find us on Instagram and get more inspiration as to how you can use BY VENØ panels in your interior design.

GreenOption Panels

At BY VENØ we develop products with great consideration for the environmental footprint we leave as a company. That is why all our felt backings are made from upcycled materials. As something new, we have developed a method in which we can reuse the artificial turf from the many turf pitches, which otherwise would have had to be deposited after the end of service.

Not only does it save large amounts of co2 - we have succeeded in creating a felt backing that consist of 65% recycled plastic - an increase of 30% compared to our normal felt.

With our GreenOption panels, our already sustainable production has been given an extra push in the direction of nature.



Most of our wood panels and finishing strips are untreated, allowing you to choose whether the panels should be oil-treated or appear in their raw yet elegant expression.

SOUND ABSORBING is important

Our felt plays an important role in the sound-absorbing properties of acoustic panels. Together with the structure of the slats, much of the sound normally reflected back into the room will be absorbed, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.


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