The LUX panel is a Danish design, made of 40 mm / 1.57 in wide slats. What makes this acoustic panel unique is that this panel has wood veneers on all three sides, which gives the panel a more exclusive look. This is a unique technique that requires an exceptionally high level of product knowledge, and it’s something we’re very proud to present to you!

The wide slats create a calm and pleasant environment in your home or workplace. Shade differences may occur, as wood is a natural material. The slats are lacquered, which not only gives them an exclusive look but also makes them easier to clean.

LUX Lacquered
(White) Oak

LUX Lacquered
(natural) Smoked oak

LUX Lacquered
(natural) Ash

LUX Lacquered
(natural) Oak

LUX Lacquered
(natural) American Walnut


With BY VENØ, you can improve room acoustics at home or at work without compromising on quality and aesthetics.
The combination of the slat structure and the acoustic polyester felt divides the sound waves and absorbs them when they hit the panel. Our new LUX panels are made for you who want an exclusive look of solid wood on your acoustic panel wall. The LUX panel of Danish design is made of 40 mm / 1.57 in wide slats, which are veneered on all three sides. The wide slats create a calm and comfortable environment in your home or workplace.

Like our standard acoustic panels, the LUX panel also consists of a sound-absorbing acoustic felt cloth made of PET plastic from my 50% recycled plastic bottles. In this way, the LUX panel has acoustic functionality, and can reduce the reverberation in your home.

The panel is made with a surface of real wood veneer on the three edges of the slats, they are fitted with a 9 mm / 0.35 in black polyester felt made of recycled plastic. Our ash wood panel is also made from materials from responsibly managed FSC™-certified forests and other controlled sources.

High quality
Perfect for both homes and businesses
Quick and easy to install
Superior sound absorption
Available in a great range of colors
Made in Denmark



11mm / 0.43 in

Slat width

40mm / 1.57 in

Distance between slats

10mm / 0.39 in


0.5mm / 0.02 in


9mm / 0.35 in

Total measurements

2400 x 600 x 20 mm / 94.49 x 23.62 x 0.79 in


1.44m2 pr panel


11,4 kg

Data sheet


The panel's construction

Our acoustic panels are composed of three components, providing you with the best room acoustics and an aesthetic expression.

THE VENEER: The wood veneer or the surface of the slat constitutes the final finish that defines our acoustic panels. Together with the rest of the panel, the veneer contributes to either matching or creating contrast with the rest of the interior. Specifically for the LUX panel, the slat is covered with the wood veneer on all three sides. This is a completely unique technique that requires extensive product knowledge.

THE SLAT: The more angles sound has to pass through, the more the sound is reduced. The structure of the slat and its placement on the felt ensure that sound waves are broken before they hit the felt, further enhancing the reduction.

THE FELT: Sound moves in waves and is reflected back into the room when it hits hard surfaces. By using a soft felt, the sound passes through the felt, thereby absorbing the sound and reducing room reverberation. Our felt is available in several different varieties and colors, all possessing unparalleled sound properties.


Installation and finish

We also have accessories to help you install your panels with ease. Or give you the last finish, so your project appears beautiful and complete.



BY VENØ gives you endless possibilities to design your home, exactly like you want it. Find us on Instagram and get more inspiration as to how you can use BY VENØ panels in your interior design.

SOUND ABSORBING is important

Our felt plays an important role in the sound-absorbing properties of acoustic panels. Together with the structure of the slats, much of the sound normally reflected back into the room will be absorbed, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

Ansvarlig panel-produktion


At BY VENØ it is a natural part of our DNA to focus om minimizing the resource waste, by choosing sustainably and prioritizing high-quality materials with a minimal co2 footprint

The fact that we are a family-owned company, perhaps plays a large role in the explanation based on the thesis, that we want to make sure the world is a better place for our descendants.

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