The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

At BY VENØ, we base our work on strong traditions and unwavering values. Our DNA is characterized by quality, where we never compromise. We are known for our attention to detail and for having an innovative approach, where inspiration goes hand in hand with innovation. As a leader in our field, we believe it's our responsibility to take the lead, even when it comes to the green transition.

And now, we have once again taken a significant step forward: We are proud to introduce BY VENØ acoustic panels certified with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Why The Nordic Swan Ecolabel?
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is not just another mark or certification. It is the official environmental label of the Nordic countries and is recognized as one of the world's strictest and most ambitious environmental certifications. 95% of Danes are familiar with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and a majority look for it when choosing products; now, it can also be found on acoustic panels.

Black Core
Black Felt

American Walnut
Black Core
Black Felt

Smoked oak
Black Core
Black Felt




Slat width


Slat distance





9mm felt

Total meas

20x600x2400 mm


1.44m2 pr panel


8,7 kg

Data sheet


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel,

a crucial benchmark for sustainability and quality

In today's construction industry, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has become a vital benchmark for sustainability and quality. This emblem has established itself as a recognized standard for environmental responsibility, sustainability, and consumer awareness, not only in Denmark but throughout the Nordic region.

How do we ensure that the spaces we create are both aesthetically appealing, functional, and environmentally friendly at the same time? 

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel offers the answer. Throughout the Nordic region, the significance of The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is growing. In Denmark alone, 95% of the population is familiar with the label, and 67% actively seek it out when making purchasing decisions. These figures reflect a broader Nordic trend, where both private consumers and businesses prioritize sustainability and environmental considerations to an increasing extent.

Poor acoustics can significantly diminish the experience of any space, from workplaces to public areas and private homes. However, by choosing our Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified acoustic panels, you are not only addressing acoustics but also signaling a commitment to the planet. In professional environments where productivity and employee satisfaction are crucial, Nordic Swan Ecolabel solutions become a key factor. These solutions not only tackle acoustic challenges but also demonstrate the company's dedication to sustainability.

The Benefits of Nordic Swan Ecolabel Acoustic Panels

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on sustainable production and responsible consumption. Here's how our Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified acoustic panels stand out:

  • Longevity: A combination of quality and sustainability ensures a durable solution.
  • Sustainability: The panels support a greener construction process by minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy. They are created with respect for nature, from responsible forestry to material upcycling.
  • Health: Absence of harmful chemicals means that the spaces where the panels are installed become healthier to inhabit. This reduces health risks for those living, working, or visiting these spaces.
  • Support for Global Initiatives: By choosing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, there's also support for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goals 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and 15 (Life on Land).




The future of construction is green, functionality-centered, and user-focused. Incorporating acoustics from the beginning is not only a necessity for an optimal user experience but also a part of the greater responsibility we have towards our planet and its inhabitants. By Venø's Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified acoustic panels offer a solution that not only addresses sound quality but also sustainability and the health of our built environments.

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