Nordic Acoustics with a Green Narrative

Explore our GreenOption acoustic panels, with an impressive 65% recycled felt backing!

At BY VENØ, we craft FSC™-certified, eco-conscious acoustic panels in Denmark, meticulously fashioned to enrich room acoustics. The GreenOption acoustic panels offer the same remarkable sound performance as always, now available in an even more sustainable material featuring a remarkable 65% recycled felt backing.

This stunning panel contains more than the iconic Scandinavian design – it also contains football stories from the nordic football clubs, as the recycled material is the artificial turf, from these football pitches, which is completely unique within this type of product on the market!

Black Core
Black-Green Felt

Oiled Oak
Black Core
Black-Green Felt

American Walnut
Black Core
Black-Green Felt

Oiled American Walnut
Black Core
Black-Green Felt

Black Core
Black-Green Felt

Black Core
Black-Green Felt

Brown Core
Black-Green Felt

Black Core
Grey Felt

Brown Core
Grey Felt

American Walnut
Black Core
Grey Felt

Black Core
Black-Green Felt



11 mm / 0.43 in

Slat width

27 mm / 1.06 in

Slat distance

13 mm / 0.51 in


0,5 mm / 0.02 in


9 mm / 0.35 in Upcycled turf felt

Total meas

20 x 600 x 2400 mm / 94.49 x 23.62 x 0.79 in


1,44 m2 pr panel


8,7 kg / 19.2 lb

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At BY VENØ, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's an ambition. We carefully weave environmental considerations into every step of our value chain, from concept to the final customer. Our focus on long-lasting, quality products, such as our elegant and timeless acoustic panels, reflects our dedication to intelligent and more sustainable solutions.


These panels are made from FSC™-certified wood and veneer, as well as other controlled materials.


With the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on our acoustic panels, we affirm our dedication to using environmentally friendly materials while avoiding harmful chemicals.


Our wood panels have been tested and comply with the German AgBB standard, which assesses emissions of volatile organic compounds from building materials.

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Our GreenOption panel is constructed from three components that provide you with the best room acoustics while also offering a beautiful aesthetic expression.

THE VENEER: The veneer, or the surface of the slat, is the final finish that defines our acoustic panels. Along with the rest of the panel, the veneer contributes to both matching and creating contrast with the rest of the interior.

THE SLAT: The more angles sound has to pass through, the more the sound is reduced. The structure and placement of the slat on the felt cause the sound waves to break before they hit the felt, which further enhances the reduction. Our slats are available in three different types, black MDF, brown MDF, and plywood.

THE FELT: What's special about GreenOption is the felt on the back of the panel. The felt is made from 65% recycled artificial grass, which is cut into small pieces and then blended into a felt, giving a unique expression to the panel. GreenOption felt is available in two varieties, both of which have superior sound properties.


GreenOption Story

Stadiums and sports arenas around the world have started using artificial turf, but after 10 years, even high-quality artificial turf has worn down. In most cases, this means disposing the pitch through incineration – with a significant negative environmental impact.

With Re-Match’s solution, football pitch owners can dispose their worn-out artificial turf in a better, cheaper, and environmentally safe way.

The average life of a football pitch is 10 years based on normal quality, proper installation, maintenance, exposure to sunlight and normal use throughout its lifetime. It typically includes 7,000 m2 / 75,347 square feet and weighs around 220 tons / 242.51 US tons divided into:

60% sand
30% rubber granulate
5% backing
5% grass fiber

What is special about our Upcycled Turf panel is our felt on the back, which is made of 100% recycled artificial turf that is cut into small pieces and then mixed into a felt, which gives the beautiful and unique expression. Then our MDF slats are mounted with a real wood veneer on the front. This means that nuance differences may occur in the expression of the veneer.

Regardless of talent, you can now get close to your dreams
and the big pitches - with an acoustic panel from BY VENØ made of
artificial turf from the best football clubs around!

BY VENØ represents sustainable and Danish-produced acoustic panels of the finest craftsmanship quality that create stunning sound spaces!

We have now created an acoustic panel that contains more than just the classic Scandinavian design – it contains football stories from virtually all professional football clubs around the world! The felt background of this FSC™-certified acoustic panel from BY VENØ contains the artificial turf from these football pitches, which is unique within this type of product in the market.

At BY VENØ, we are very committed to product development with great consideration for the environmental footprint we leave behind as a production company. That’s why all our felt backings are made of upcycled materials – this felt of 65% artificial turf.

The lifetime of an artificial turf pitch is 10 years and then the pitch must be replaced – this waste weighs around 220 tons and is classified as construction and demolition waste. The waste management of this usually causes a negative environmental impact.

Re-Match, a Danish company, has found a unique solution to this problem and share the artificial turf components – which is now part of our felt production. This way we upcycle a waste material and give it new life.

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