Our wood panels are produced from FSC™ certified wood and other controlled materials., so we can guarantee that the product is produced under responsible and climate-conscious conditions that do not harm plant or animal life.

We produce our acoustic panels from FSC™-certified wood from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Forest Stewardship Council™ is an international, non-profit certification scheme for timber and paper. The FSC™ logo can be seen on timber and paper products, so that you know you can purchase these products with a clear conscience. In FSC™-certified forests, trees are harvested at a rate no faster than the forest can rejuvenate itself. Furthermore, FSC™ provides assurance that local communities, biodiversity, and forest workers are treated with respect. Please reach out, if you have any questions regarding our FSC™-certification or our focus on sustainability.


At BY VENØ we are highly invested in minimizing waste from our production, reducing the consumption of raw materials, and lowering our CO2-imprint. This is why we strive to repair product which does not pass the quality control in production. Our quality control ensures that we only deliver high-quality products to our customers.

In case a defect is detected in a acoustic panel, the panelt is marked and tagged for manual repair in our repais-department. Approximately 90-95% of all defects can be repaired and be introduced to the normal product flow again.

This means that we will never sell a 2'nd assortment panel, which makes us proud, while avoiding the use of unnecessary resources in our production.


On average 820.000 tonnes of plastic is used every day on a worldwide scale. A lot of that plastic ends up in the nature and poses a potential disaster for the human and the wild life of our planet. Fortunately a lot of that plastic can be recycled multiple times.

This is why BY VENØ working intensively on incorporating a circular economy with recycling and upcycling of the materials used in the production of our acoustic panels. The rear-side of the panels is a PET-felt which is UV-stabilized, sound diffusing, and a durable material, made from at least 50% recycled PET plastic bottles.


BY VENØ is a FSC™-certified brand where the wooden components of out panels are made from FSC™ certified wood and other controlled materials. Through the certification process we can guarantee that the products are manufactured under a responsible and sustainable mindset.

The FSC™-organization is constantly working to ensure that the production of wood does not damage the wild animal- or plant-life, making sure that no more wood is removed from the forests than the forest is capable of regenerating.

Through our FSC™-certification we support the effort for sustainable forestry and the maintenance of a healthy balance between the forests and all Life On Land.