Design Panels


BY VENØ’s product category, Design Panels, consists of the iconic wood veneer panel. 

With the Design series, you have the option to create both the traditional panel look as well as more creative design elements.
The panels are in one piece, without felt backing, and therefore do not have the same sound absorption as our traditional acoustic panels.
However, these products still have the visual beauty of the slat design - and are perfect for decorating both small and large areas. 

This category consists of panels in standard sizes, as well as Hexagons and Rhombuses

Hexagon American Walnut



Rhombus Smoked Oak

Hexagon Oak

American Walnut

Hexagon Smoked Oak


Rhombus American Walnut

Smoked Oak

Rhombus Oak

With BY VENØ you can improve the acoustics at home or in the workplace without having to compromise on quality and aesthetics.
The combination of the slat structure and the acoustic polyester felt breaks the sound waves and absorbs them when they hit the panel. This means, that the sound is not reflected back into the room.

BY VENØ’s non-acoustic is an ideal solution for you who want the beautiful look that the wooden slats give, but do not need the panel’s acoustic solutions. They can be easily mounted as ceiling and wall panels, in both private and commercial projects.

The panels are exclusively a decorative solution, and therefore offer no sound absorption.

✓ High quality
✓ Perfect for both homes and businesses
✓ Quick and easy to install
✓ Superior sound absorption
✓ Available in a great range of colors

Made in Denmark


BY VENØ gives you endless possibilities to design your home, exactly like you want it. Find us on Instagram and get more inspiration as to how you can use BY VENØ panels in your interior design.


Installation and finish

We also have accessories to help you install your panels with ease. Or give you the last finish, so your project appears beautiful and complete.

Sustainable panels

At BY VENØ it is a natural part of our DNA to focus om minimizing the resource waste, by choosing sustainably and prioritizing high-quality materials with a minimal co2 footprint.

The fact that we are a family-owned company, perhaps plays a large role in the explanation based on the thesis, that we want to make sure the world is a better place for our descendants.